Friday, September 30, 2016

New Iphone 7 Explode?

After a series of case happened Galaxy Note 7, now turn to Apple having problems. Their latest mobile phone, the iPhone 7, reportedly exploded by the end user.

iPhone 7 explosion case experienced by a Reddit user named Kroopthesnoop. He ordered the iPhone 7 black from the online. When the iPhone package arrived at his home, he immediately dismantle. But how surprised he was to see the iPhone 7. The phone is in a badly damaged condition. Part of the screen gaping body behind bends. Visible marks on the body burn iPhone 7 and in the box with the phone.

Kroopthesnoop suspect there is something that happens during the process of delivery. He also plans to report the incident to the AppleCare. So far there has been no response from Apple and also the UPS which became the courier. Surely Apple must immediately investigate this point. Do not let a lot of users are experiencing similar things.

For more information about this case, check out: What Happened Exploding iPhone 7 Reddit Users Posts Pictures Transit Issue Left Handset Charred Mangled

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